Newtown Heartbreak


I see their tiny sweet faces,
their innocence haunting me
And their caretakers sacrificed
trying to protect and free

I'm challenged by the questions
of what it all must mean
What are we supposed to learn
from this tragedy unforeseen

While beyond my comprehension
to such evil we can't be blind
What legacy will their losses leave
What lessons will be left behind

I don't presume to have the answers
and humbly leave that in God's hands
Trusting always in His wisdom
that their exists a greater plan

I know they are at peace now
in the home God did prepare
Removed from worldly tribulations
and forever in His care

We must vow to do our utmost
to remember them, every one
Sending prayers for their loved ones
that some healing may be done

May there be ten thousand cures for
each child forever missed
And ten million acts of kindness for
each true love never kissed

Our efforts will be in tribute
if we live our lives with grace
In their honor lets help make the world
a safe and loving place

Author Diana Hoffman