The day has come. The time of reckoning. Who will perish in dreaded HELL and whose soul will be content within the pleasures of HEAVEN?? Looking past the words spoken with a wicked tongue and looking past the EVIL DEEDS done within one's life. But instead looking into the conscious of man.

    What is the REAL EVIL that seems to PLAGUE MANKIND??? Who are the real DEMONS that walk this earth?? Is it those whose minds have become devious because of a lifetime spent inside of a caged HELL, Or is it those who invented this caged HELL years ago and have done nothing to help destroy it yet? WHO'S GUILTY?? FRANKENSTEIN OR THE DOCTOR WHO CREATED HIM? THE GUN OR THE MAN WHO HAS KILLED WITH IT? WHICH IS THE REAL EVIL, THE MAN WHO KILLS ANOTHER FOR FOOD OR THE MAN WHO DOES NOT SHARE HIS FOOD TO AVOID THE KILLING? While you sit in judgment of a criminal you man very well be the one who's guilty. GUILTY OF GREED ,HATE AND DECEPTION!

Much Props To The People Who Wrote This Poem  ICP!