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In Memory of Bob Sr.Bobby R. Stout Sr.

Bobby Ray Stout Sr.

   December 7, 2005
Bobby Ray Stout Sr. was my little brother. We didn't get along most of the time, but I loved him as I know he loved me too. We were always there for each other when ever it was needed. He loved his kids soo much and also his step kids. I will miss him always. And I know he will live on through his children and in our hearts until we can all be together again some day. Love your big sister Mona...
   Mona Stout (Pasadena, MD )

   May 21, 2005
Bobby Jr.,
Dont Cry For What You've Lost,Be Happy For What You Had.
Love You So Much
   (MD )

   March 23, 2005
Bobby Jr., Spencer, Sawyer, Sam, Luke and Jersey your Dad or Pop will always be looking down on you all. Keep him close in your hearts and memories. He loves you ALL! I'm a phone call away if any of you need me. Uncle Paul
   Paul Stout (Westminster, MD )

   March 23, 2005
Brother, I miss you dearly and wish that we could have had many many more years. My eyes tear as I write this note. Your Birthday was last week and I spent some time talking to you in the woods and hope you were listening, Happy Birthday. I think this was for you the happiest of all your Birthdays because of where you now are but I must tell you it wasn't that happy for the rest of us. We all miss you. I Love you, Paul
   Paul Stout (Westminster, MD )

   February 17, 2005
Bobby, Jr. - We new your Dad since he was your age, and have wonderful memories that we will keep close to us always. That is one thing that you will always have and should keep dear to your heart, is all the good times that you had. Your Dad will be with you always in your heart and will always be watching over you. Take care of yourself and your Mom.
Love, Mike and Cheryl Schulte
   Mike & Cheryl Schulte (Glen Burnie, MD )

   February 14, 2005
Bobby Jr, I am so sorry for your loss. Your father was a good man, whom we will never forget. Please remember that my prayers are with you always. You and your my mom take care of each other, and I hope to see you soon.
   Kim Llamas (Linthicum, MD )

   January 30, 2005
Bobby jr. your dad will always be there waiting and watching GOD be with you be strong have faith love always
   Larry DeVor (Linthicum, MD )

   January 30, 2005
My Dearest Bobby Jr.,

I know that nothing can explain how you are feeling and this is one of those times I cannot fix what is wrong. My heart breaks for you son and I wish I could take your pain away, but I cannot, my only hope is that I can help ease your pain. With the help of God, family, and friends we will get through this time of sorrow. Your Father was a wonderful man whom you were able to spend 17 wonderful years with, he will forever live in your heart and your memories, no one can take that away. Until the day comes that you meet him again we will keep his memories alive. Please remember son, life has only changed, it has not been taken away, your Father lives on in a world beautiful beyond anything we can imagine. There he will await the day when he will welcome you with joy.

I Love You,
   Sandy Sass - DeVor (Linthicum, MD )

   January 26, 2005
He was my stepdad for 5 years and he was a awsome crabber. He was a very good fisher too. He was a very loving guy with a big heart.

I love you Pop
   Sawyer Fox (Prince Frederick, MD )

   January 23, 2005
Spencer, Sawyer & Sam, I just want you to know I love you very much, and I am very sorry about your loss. Take care of your mom!
Love you always, Kelly
   Kelly fox (Jacksonville, FL )
   January 22, 2005
Spencer, Sawyer, and Sam..

I love you guys with all of my heart and I hope that you will email or call me sometime and tell me how you are doing. I am so so sorry that this had happened.

-I love you.. Ashley
   Ashley Piernick (Jacksonville, FL )

   January 22, 2005
With our deepest sympathy, love the girls.
   Ashley Amber Autumn Piernick (Atlantic Beach, FL )

   January 19, 2005
hi i was there he was my stepdad i was there
   spencer fox (prince fredrick, MD )

   January 19, 2005
He was my stepdad.
   Sawyer Fox (Prince Frederick, MD )

   January 17, 2005
   Tom Seiss (Thurmont, MD )

   January 16, 2005
   Douglas DeLeaver (Severn, MD )

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